3 Pink-lily plant (Water lilly) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery - Online Plants
3 Pink-lily plant (Water lilly) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery - Online Plants
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3 Pink-lily plant (Water lilly)


Scientific Name: Nymphaea pubescens

Family: Nymphaeceae 

Bloom time: Summer

Origin: Northern Hemisphere in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Height: > 6 inches

Soil: Frequent Standing Water

Environment: Pink Lilly should only be cultivated in direct sunlight.

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Pink-Lilly plant

Buy Pink Lilly pilly plant (Water lily flower plant) online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

Pink lilies are a plant family with over 70 species. The spread varies between two and twenty feet. Larger plants necessitate larger ponds or water gardens. Containers work nicely for short ones. They enjoy still water with no currents or fountains. The majority require direct sunlight, although few will tolerate partial shade Water lilies that are viviparous produce plantlets that are linked to the mother plant. Blooms are held above the waterline, open later in the day, are self-flowering, and have a faint fragrance.

Lilly pilly plant is a graceful and lovely addition to any water landscape. The water lily flower plant is a popular ornamental plant known for its lovely flower blooms in ponds.

Pink Lilly is a perennial flowering plant that grows in thick colonies. The leaves emerge from huge thick rhizomes on flexible stalks. The leaves are bright green and more circular than heart-shaped. The gorgeous, fragrant single flowers bloom at or near the water’s edge. The multiple petals of each flower are arranged in a spiral.

  1. Maintenance:
  • Pink lilies are a wonderful flower to grow, and autumn is the best time to get started. Planting lily bulbs between September and November are ideal since they require a cold dormant period before springing to life after the winter. 
  • In well-drained, fertile soils, it grows best in full to afternoon light. During the rest period, water sparingly, and when growing, water moderately.
  • This plant dislikes being disturbed, so avoid transplanting it and mulch well over the winter. It is native to temperate and tropical climates. 
  • Pink Lilies reach a height of 4-6 feet and are more drought tolerant than other lilies.
  • Make sure the bulbs are planted in a well-draining place; if the soil becomes too damp, the bulbs may rot. Lilies require 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day, therefore the region should get plenty of it.
  • The stems will try to bend towards the sun if the area is too dark, which often results in their tumbling over. The fragrant, rose-pink, purplish-pink trumpet-shaped blossoms that face outward or somewhat downward arise on tall stems like magic from the ground in late summer to fall, when the foliage produced in spring has died away. 
  • After the flowers have faded, trim back the leaves and stems once they have turned yellow. 
  • Self-seeding is possible with this plant.



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