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Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) belongs to the family of Solanaceae. The origin of tomatoes is Peruvian and Mexican regions. This plant is the most important “protective food” because of its nutritive value. This is the cash crop smallholders farmers. It contains vitamins A, C and lycopene. The growth habits of this plant are determinate(bush), indeterminate(climbing) and semi-determinate.

tomato plant


This vegetable has different varieties such as Cherry tomato, grape tomato, beefsteak, green varieties, roma type, better boy type, heirloom type.

tomato varieties

Cherry tomato

Cherry tomato plant fruit are very small size and round shaped which are used to make salads. cherry tomato is an annual herb plant. It is easy to grow and produces a harvest quickly.

cherry tomato plant

Grape tomato

A single plant will produce enough fruits for one family, If the plant receives proper care. Grape tomato fruits is look like a typical grapes. Grape tomato fruits are longer and oval shape. It has very low fat and cholesterol. Well-ripened grape tomatoes are too soft and red.

grape tomato


These fruits are juicy. Beefsteak tomato's colour ranges from red to orange or yellow. shake the flowers which help to pollinate the flowers, a step accomplished by bees and wind. Plant leaves are arranged alternately on the stem of phyllotaxy.


Green tomato

This plant is an unripe fruit variety. For support, the plant needs to tie the vine around the sticks as it grows. For getting more yield, pinch off suckers, and new blossoms and cut off the growing tip. Its require minimal watering.

green tomato


Heirloom varieties contain different colours, shapes, fruit flavours and sizes. This is an open-pollinated variety. Thakkali plant is a warm-season crop. This plant are referred as heritage tomato. The taste of this variety is too sweet. The shape of this fruit looks like a pumpkin.

heirloom thakkali plant

Roma tomato

Roma are egg or oval-shaped. The other name of this vegetable plant are paste, Italian plum. Vines are pubescent and covered with hairs. These vegetable plants are excellent houseplants and long-duration plants. one fruit (62 grams) contain 11 calories and 1 gram of fiber.

roma thakkali plant


The fruits have numerous, kidney-shaped. Seeds are brown with hairy nature. This vegetable plant fruits are dicotyledon. Sow the seeds in a small container or seed trays.



This crop grows in well-drained fertile sandy loamy soil. Loamy soil has contain high humus.

loamy soil


Add water the soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid watering the foliage as it may cause diseases to spread. This plants need water daily in the morning time.



Select the location that will receive 8 hours of direct sunlight every day. This vegetable plant is a summer season crop.



Add organic compost after every 15-16 days for healthy growth. The application of organic fertilizer can enhance vegetative growth and development.

compost for vegetable plant


After 25 to 30 days are ready to transplant. The purpose of transplanting the vegetable plant will give a high yield. Planting as deep as possible. Growing thakkali plant in pots is a great way to get more yield.

repotting thakkali


To remove old dried and diseased leaves. Prune lateral shoot to enhance more branches. Proper prompt pruning can enhance the growth and development.

pruning vegetable plant

Crop benefits

The plants has rich in vitamins, minerals, sugars, essential amino acids
Thakkali helps to treat blood pressure and cancer.
For medicinal purposes, the leaf, vine and fruit are used.
Its puree can improve skin health.
Eating fruit is good for the heart and improves vision.

“Don’t panic grow organic”
Tomato eco-friendly plant
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