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The Thunbergia plants are prized by plant enthusiasts & gardeners for their lovely flowers & beautiful foliage. This thunbergia plant named after the Sweden Botanist Carl Peter Thunberg for his immense work in the documentation of Thunbergia plant species.


Plant Growth Habit

This plants are excellent creepers & flowering plants belongs to the Acanthaceae family with vibrant color flowers. This plant commonly named as clock vine & sky flower.


Sky Flower

The attractive sky flower plants contain 100+ plant varieties. Flower colors are blue, white, orange & yellow. This plant has a bushy & semi-climbing structure with a woody stem. Feathery flowers appear with yellow or center. In addition to this 

it is fast growing plant that reaches up to a height of 6ft from the ground.

sky flower

Clock Vine

 The clock vine plant's popular varieties are thunbergia grandiflora, thunbergia erecta, natalensis, alata & dwarf varities.

clock vine

Thunbergia grandiflora

The grandiflora plants are native to India with large leaf foliage with lavender color flowers. Long roots with deep tap root system. It comes under annual plants.

thunbergia grandiflora

Thunbergia natalensis

It is fast growing creeper plant with white & light blue colored flowers. And the plants are native to Africa. Thunbergia natalensis has trumpet-shaped flowers that are commonly called natal blue & natal white flowers.

thunbergia natalensis

Thunbergia erecta

It is a twinning erect perennial shrub with ovate dark green leaves & velvety purple flowers. It is also rapidly growing creeper plants.

thunbergia erecta


The Bush clock vine plant loves to grow in well-drained soil rich in organic matter. These plants tolerate a wide range of soil but avoid growing in heavy clay soils.

thunbergia grandiflora soil

Potting Mix- Garden soil+30-40% compost +steamed bone meal +20% of cocopeat if needed alone.

steamed bone meal for clock vine

Water Requirement

Watering the plants regularly helps to grow healthy plants means keeping the soil moist. But the sky flower plants cannot tolerate waterlogged & too dry conditions.

watering for sky flower


The bush clock vine plant thrives well in full direct sunlight with partial shade.

clock vine

Pot Size

This creeper plant requires a pot size of 6-8'' while planting. After one of planting change the pot size to 12'' with good drainage holes.

sky flower poting


The thunbergia varieties are easily propagated through stem cuttings. Select the non-flowering, healthy stem and make a clean cut just below a node. Gently remove the lower leaves from the plants. And place the plant cuttings in a plant growth medium.

thunbergia grandiflora propagation


Regular pruning helps to keep the plants in a compact structure.

pruning of sky flower


Application of any organic compost monthly once or twice around the plants helps to grow bushy.

compost for thunbergia


  • These bush clock vine thunbergia plants are great for foundations, borders, beds, hedges & other landscape values.
  • There are no serious pest, disease & nematode issues for this creeper plant.
  • The Thunbergia erecta plants used in the treatment of anxiety, depression & insomnia issues.
  • Bush clock vine has anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

benefits of thunbergia

The creeper plants grow on walls, trellises, fences, and other plants. And they are popular in gardens as they add visual interest and provide good greenery look.

There is no alternate for Green so far!

creeper plants

Thunbergia creeper plants

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