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Syngonium plants are evergreen climbing vine. Genus of plants that belongs to the Araceae family. It has arrow head vine. Common name of this plants are butterfly plant, nephthytis, African evegreen, goosefoot plant and five fingers. Inflorescence are formed at top of main shoot.



There are many arrow head vine species differing in their size, colors, shape and growth pattern. In some varieties are pink , bronze, white butterfly, green gold, golden allusion and T25.

Pink syngonium

pink syngonium

Pink leaf is a gorgeous beautiful plant it has pink tones on the leaves and plant. Plant leaves are looks like arrows they look absolutely glorious. Leaf of this pink syngonium has a better foliage.

Bronze syngonium

bronze syngonium

Leaves are heart shaped with bronze color foliage. Easy growing plant with bushy appearance. Leaves has dark brown veins. Bronze syngonium varieties is an elephant and versatile houseplant.

Syngonium white butterfly

syngonium white butterfly

This plant leaves are looks like a butterfly wings which is good looking. The foliage of white butterfly plant are creamy white with green at margin.

Syngonium green gold

 green gold

 This is the best climber in potted plant. Syngonium green gold has creamy green with pink veins which foliage is too attractive. Its makes good environment and spread positivity.

Syngonium golden allusion

golden allusion

This plant has steady growth rate throughout the year. The foliage of this plant is eye-catching and heart shaped leaves. Syngonium golden allusion varieties is the best beginner friendly plant.

Syngonium T25

syngonium T25

Leaves are variegated with green and white colors. As a young plant its grows upright leaves, after mature it grows like a vine. T25 is a rare variety. White veins are arranged like a star. This is a good looking houseplant.


Arrow head plant is a best evergreen climber plant for indoor. This climbing habit are attractive.


drained soil

Syngonium plant prefers to well grow in drained soil. Soil mix with cocopeat 40% and vermicompost 30% which helps to increase soil fertility and plant growth. soil pH should be neutral to acidic.



Nephthytis requires moderate watering. Water the nephthytis plant twice in a week. Over watering can cause foliage rotting.



Syngonium varieties can tolerate to many light condition. Its prefers bright indirect light. Bright light enhances the bright foliage and attractive colour. If we kept the plant in direct sunlight its gets burn.


nephthytis repotting

Nephthytis varieties needs prompt pruning to better vegetative growth. Repot the plant at yearly once. When the roots become bouncy this is ideal time to repotting.


cow manure

For this plant, application of biogas slurry liquid fertilizer and cow manure at monthly intervals. Add kitchen waste for nutrient support.


nephthytis pruning

Prune the dried and unwanted parts from the arrow head plant. Pruned the discoloured shoots.


This is best air purifier plants

This plant absorbs carbon dioxide and gives oxygen

Mostly this varieties used for focal arrangement and decoration

Arrow head is the famous ornamental houseplants

Needs easy care and maintenance.

Keep green and keep our planet clean...!

Syngonium ornamental plant

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