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Rose plant care - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Rose plant care

Most people's choice of gardening starts with growing rose plants care because it is the only plant that looks attractive with a sweet-smelling fragrance.

Rose plant care

There are about 100+ species of rose plants in the Rosaceae family. Most of them are perennial shrubs with high-yielding flowers. In flowering plants, rose plants care occupy the most important place for their color and fragrance. So, rose plants are called the ‘king of flowers.

King of flowers

Different hybridization techniques in rose plants are carried out all around the World. And it started with Virginia rose, and Damask rose.

Damask rose

Rose signifies love, beauty, and passion. Petals of roses are loaded with Vitamin C, A, K & iron.

The Garden looks more beautiful with rose plants. But proper care and maintenance are required. Like other flowering plants, rose plant care require well-drained soil. But most importantly, give acceptable water & bright sunlight.

Remember some points before growing rose plants. Here is a list of easy-care rose plant tips! 

Rose plant tips

how is rose plant grow

Rose plants grow faster and healthier with a requirement of 6-8 hours of sunlight because these are sun-loving plants. They hate to live in tree-shady areas.

Sunlight for rose

where do roses grow

Generally, rose plants can grow in pots, grow bags, unused vase, and climbing rose varieties such as Rosa ‘Constance spry’; those thin & soft stems can be trained to trellises or in suitable soil surfaces.

Constance spry rose

how to increase flowering in rose plants

 If there is ample supply of NPK & micronutrients to flowering plants, especially for rose plants it increases bud blooming & flowering. 

Bud blomming

Animal Manure:

Cow manure or Goat manure application improves soil fertility, and aeration and supplies necessary nutriment to the flowering plants but it is slow-release fertilizer. Apply one handful of 3 months old compost 2 months once & for plants on the soil surface apply two or three small amount of old compost.

Animal manure



It is an all-purpose fertilizer with the supply of npk organic fertilizer in equal proportions. But most importantly applies quality vermicompost. One or two spoons apply around the soil for pot plants and double it for ground plants. In 3 months once.


2. Leaf compost:

Nothing but dried leaves, bark, and wood chips of all your garden trees. It acts as mulching for the plants and it provides a good microclimate for the plants.

For rose plants, npk needs of about 20:20:20, and heavy feeding varieties require more.

Tree leaf compost


1.  Neem cake powder: The application can be done either as foliar spray or top dressing. One handful of neem powder is enough for 10-12’’ pot rose plants. It will protect the plants from root diseases & pest attacks.

Neem cake powder

2.  Groundnut cake powder: This groundnut powder contains more ‘N’ content compared to Neem cake. It has an NPK in the ratio of 7.5:1.5:1.3. Monthly once smaller amount application is ample to grow Rose plants.

Groundnut cake powder

3.  Mustard cake powder: In addition, this organic powder consits of micronutrients such as Zn, S, Mn & others. This mustard cake powder is the most useful organic powder to enhance the good growth of plants.

Mustard cake powder

These 3 organic cake powders can be applied only in smaller quantities to rose plants. And also you can apply these 3 at the same time or any 2 @ the same time.


1. Steamed bone meal: This application is done especially for ‘Phosphorus & Calcium’. This bio-fertilizer steamed bone meal can be applied either as a top dressing or added along with your potting, in about 4 months once.

Bone meal fertilizer

2. Blood meal, Hoof meal, and Horn meal: This bio-fertilizer can also be applied to rose plants. It supplies more ‘N’ content to plants compared to manure. But most importantly, not to forget these bio-fertilizers should be applied only in smaller quantities.

Hoof Meal fertilizer


Seaweed Extract: It boosts plant growth and protects from pests and diseases. Apply 4 to 5 scoops or spoon per gallon of water once in about 3 months once.

Sea Weed extract


1.Onion skin peel & Eggshell waste: Don’t throw these peels and shells into the dustbin. Applying these two plants provides minerals potassium, calcium, proteins, and antioxidants.

Onion peel extract
Egg shell waste extract

Chart for organic fertilizer application

OptionsCycle 1Cycle2Cycle 3
1.Compost+Groundnut cake powder+Bone meal powderLiquid fertilizer(or)Sea weed extractCow manure+Compost
2.Bone meal powder Liquid fertilizerHome based fertilizer
3.Neem cake powder+Compost+ Bone meal -Goat manure +Vermicompost
4.Mustard cake + compost -Animal manure+ groundnut cake
5.Compost + organic manure(any) Sea weed extract
Animal manure +Home based fertilizer

Watering:  Regularly water the rose plant in summer or even on alternate days. In winter, reduce water supplementation. Check pots drainage holes properly to protect from root rot.

Water application

Pruning: Trim the dead, dried, matured plant parts. Do not over prune the plants & its carried for twice in a year.


Soil refilling: Make a regular check on the soil condition in the pot or growbags. And plants get new growth by refilling.

Soil Refilling

Get Good rose flowers without using Chemical fertilizers 

Nowadays people need quicker results & faster plant growth so most of them use chemical fertilizers for higher-yielding in plants and pollute the environment unnecessarily.

House plant

Go green with organic fertilizers for good plant growth & save mother earth with greens!!

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