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Purple heart plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Purple heart plant

Purple heart is a perennial hanging plant that belongs to the family spiderwort and it is majorly grown for its shiny purple foliage. And purple heart plant is traced to be originated from Eastern Mexico. This plant is also as called a purple queen or wandering Jew. And this hanging flower plant grows up to a height of 15-30 cm and wide of 30-45cm. Purple heart plants are classified as hanging plants due to their trailing characteristics.

purple heart plant

How to grow purple heart

Purple heart plants prefer indirect light; they can also grow in full sun which makes their foliage full dark purple. This variety is propagated by stem cuttings. The plant is propagated in soil remove a few leaves from the bottom of the stem. And if it is propagated in water keep a lower portion with leaves. Always keep the plant in indirect sunlight which is good for root development.

purple heart plant


Purple heart prefer PH around 6.0 to 7.0. Use good quality potting mix that provides good aeration and drainage. But the soil should be light then the roots can penetrate easily. Avoid heavy soil this leads the root system to suffocate for aeration. Induce the plants with additional nutrients such as cow manure, and goat manure.

purple heart plant


The minimum amount of water is sufficient for a purple heart. Avoid over watering this lead to root rot. Watering once a week is more than enough for purple heart. Pour enough water if leave turn brown or yellow.

hanging plants


They prefer bright, indirect light. Prolonged sunlight can lead the leaves to burn. At the same point if the plant doesn’t receive enough light its foliage may lose its purple color slowly. Maintaining a balanced amount of light can keep the foliage purple and plants healthy.

hanging flower plants


Abundant amounts of sunlight can lead the plant to produce pink and purple flowers. In purple heart, plant foliage is more attractive than flowers. This hanging flower plants grow densely.

purple heart


Induce bio NPK, cow manure, and goat manure at the base of the plants monthly once can lead the plants to grow at optimum levels with healthy purple foliage.

hanging flower plants


Prune the plant to achieve desired shape and size. If the plant in ground cover trim monthly once for uniform appearance. After pruning remove all dead, damaged leaves to keep the plant healthy.



Transplant the plant during early spring while it is actively growing. Repotting is required because roots penetrate very fastly. Watering is so essential for plants after repotting. And avoid direct sunlight that affects the foliage.

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Benefits of purple heart

  • Purple heart is one of the best ornamental plant because of its purple shiny foliage.
  • This helps in purifying the air by filtering toxins and pollutants.
  • Purple heart treat many diseases such as wounds and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Traditionally it acts as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. 
  • This is the best hanging flower plants.
purple heart

Hanging plants are good air purifying indoor plants and that increase humidity and reduce hypertension and gives a positivie instinct.

Purple heart hanging plant

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