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Pumpkins are grown all around the world for a variety of reasons ranging from agricultural purposes to commercial and ornamental sales. The pumpkin plant is a creeper plant which contains a good source of vitamins, iron and fibre. Winter squash is a national vegetable of India.



There are different varieties of pumpkins available. Some varieties are grown for size and carving while other varieties are grown for eating.

Autumn gold pumpkin

autumn gold pumpkin

These creeper pumpkins are light orange with a shiny outer layer. Autumn gold pumpkin is a high-yielding variety. This pumpkin plant bears two to five pumpkins per vine.

Traditional orange pumpkin

traditional orange pumpkin

The pumpkin plant is a houseplant with healthy vegetables. Traditional orange pumpkin is the most sweeter than other varieties. The scientific name of this creeper pumpkin is Cucurbita pepo. 

Atlantic giant

atlantic giant pumpkin plant

This winter squash is an annual plant. Atlantic giant is smooth and slightly ribbed skin and deep yellow to orange colour. This Cucurbita pepo is very versatile in its uses for cooking.

Baby Boo

baby boo winter squash

Most parts of the pumpkin are edible including the fleshy shell, the seeds, the leaves and even the flower. Mainly used for table arrangement for weddings. Baby Boo pumpkins are white with a small round shape. 


cucurbita pepo seed

Pumpkin seeds are oval-shaped with yellowish-brown colour. The outer shell is a crunchy texture. Seeds are edible with nuts taste.



Cucurbita pepo prefers to grow sandy soil rich in organic matter which is neutral to acidic. Soil mix with 20% vermicompost is best for growth.



Watering the winter squash vegetable plant twice a day (morning & evening). Keep the soil always moist. Need ample water when flowers and fruits are forming.



Requires direct sunlight for the Cucurbita pepo plant. Keep the pot in the full-day sun.

Plantings tip

planting tips

After getting medium height, stabilize the plant with a tiny stick. Cover the stem with dust, this encourages the root to grow under the stem.

Put some weight on the tendril, to prevent the vine damage caused by strong wind.



Remove secondary vines that grow beside the leaf, this enhances main stem growth. Reposition the plant, place the main stem on dirt and cover it with soil plus compost to encourage root growth.


manuual pollination

For manual pollination use male flowers with petals removed. It helps high yield. When the male and female flowers blossomed it was ready time to pollinate with the help of hand. After pollination, the end of the main stem also cut the remaining male flower buds.



Winter squash is a heavy-feeder vegetable plant. Add plenty of compost to the soil before planting. Application of vermicompost every 2 weeks interval.

Repotting or transplanting


Transfer these vegetable plants to a new grow bag once the plants are overgrown. April to mid-May is the correct time for transplanting.


cucurbita pepo(pumpkin plant)

May support healthy skin and the immune system.

Cucurbita pepo stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation.

The pumpkin plant has a rich source of beta-carotene.

Helps to maintain healthy bones.

Good for eyesight. Creeper plant with a good source of vitamins, iron and fibre.

“Live green to save more green”

Pumpkin vegetable plant

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