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pomegranate(Punica granatum)

The pomegranate is famously known as the fruit of heaven belongs to the berry family. Pomegranate fruit is a delicious fruit and has juicy grains inside. Grow pomegranates as large, shrub or small trees.



There are 1200 different varieties of pomegranate which have unique tastes and various colours. There are purple hearts, Eversweet, wonderful, kazake, red silk, texas pink.

Purple heart

purple heart

Purple heart varieties are large with dark red. Fruits begin to produce at about 3 years old. Pick fruit off a tree when it is mature. These pomegranate plants grow 12-30 feet tall and wide. Provide lots of health benefits. They are the best immune boosters and good healers.


eversweet fruit

The color of the pomegranate is pinkish-pale red. Eversweet seeds are a little hard in texture and are highly nutritious containing vitamins A, C and E. Pomegranate trees are glossy, narrow leathery leaves which are lance-shaped. These varieties are self-pollinated. This is a national fruit of Iran.



Kazake varieties produce medium to large size fruit. This is the most dwarfing species. This pomegranate plant is fast-growing with drought tolerant. This is a seeded fruit and it has a thick reddish outer covering. These flowers often fall off the branches rather than converting into fruit.

Red silk

red silk

Red silk is the best pot-growing variety, which is a semi-dwarf growth habit. It has dark red flesh and red arils. Grows trees in hot and dry climatic conditions. Its contain fibre which keeps our digestive system healthy.

Texas pink

texas pink

Texas pink pomegranate plant produces attractive blooming which converts pink fruits. This variety is a famous ornamental fruit plant. Texas pink is a self-fertile plant. It has large edible seeds.


wonderful pomegranate plant

Wonderful pomegranate plant is the most common variety grown in the low desert of Arizona. Mix a teaspoon of natural honey in half a liter of water and spray directly on the flower with the help of a spray bottle. This will attract honey bees for pollination. This tip helps to increase the yield. This fruit is too sweet and highly beneficial.


seed pome

In this Punica granatum fruit plant seeds are also edible. It contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In average one fruits can hold 1000 seeds. Seeds are covered with glowing red skin.


soil for pome

For better growth and development prefers to grow in well-drained loamy soil. Soil mix with 80% bone meal and 20% neem cake.


watering for pome

For mature pomegranate tree, adequate irrigation especially during the dry periods is very important to improve growth, fruit set, yield and fruit size. 


sunlight for pome fruit

Select the location to keep the pomegranate plant with plenty of sunlight. In cooler climates, plant pome tree with western exposure. Requires 6 hours’ of direct sunlight.



Good organic mulch and cow manure can improve plant growth and soil fertility. Application of vermicompost at monthly intervals.


repot the fruit tree

Repot the plant into a new pot when the root bound occurs. Normally repot the plant for two to three years. 


pruning of pome plant

The best time for pome tree pruning is late winter, after harvesting the fruits. Branch pruning can increase fruit production. Pruning the roots will help to reduce root bound. Pruned the tree before repotting.


benefits of pome fruit

Daily consumption of pome gives us strength and energy

Its contain fibre which keeps our digestive system healthy.

Punica granatum helps to increase appetite.

Punica granatum is highly beneficial for pregnant women.

Reduces pain in joints and arthritis.

Keep your earth clean and green...!

Pomegranate fruit plant

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