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lemon or citrus plant

Lemon is a citrus fruit with a sour taste. India is the largest producer of lemons in the world. The scientific name of plant is citrus lemon. Citrus is native to Asia. A lemon tree is a small tree or dense shrubby plant. Citrus fruits are mostly found in tropical regions.


citrus vareities

There are different varieties of lemon grown worldwide. Popular varieties such as Meyer, primofori, Verna, bearss lemons and baboon lemons.

Meyer lemon

meyer lemon

Meyer citrus fruits is a hybrid variety crossed between lemon and mandarin orange. This lemon tree is dwarf species with a quick fruit-producing variety. It has smooth golden skin and grows at a height of 6-10 feet.

Primofiori lemon

primofiori lemon

These citrus fruits have a soft peel with a good amount of juice. It bears a medium to small, yellow colour. Large and hardy lemon tree. Grows up to 19 feet. The plant gives citrus fruits for 20-30 years.

Verna lemon

verna lemon

Verna citrus is almost related to the eureka variety. It contains fewer seeds and a high amount of juice. This lemon tree is a vigorous nature plant with good productivity. Verna is a self-compatible species.

Bearss lemon

bearss lemon

Bearss variety is one of the most popular varieties. Citrus plants have a thornless branch. It has a high quantity of juice content. Fruits are round to oval shape.

Baboon lemon

baboon lemon

Baboon citrus has bright yellow skin, a slow-growing compact plant and a thick rind. Citrus fruits are knobby and highly acidic.


soil for citrus plant

This plants prefers grow in all types of soil. A simple potting mix should include 40 per cent coco-peat moss with 20 per cent compost like decomposed cow dung or vermicompost.



The watering frequency of course depends on the zone. Water it deeply and thoroughly so that the entire root system is drenched with water and water comes out of the drainage holes. Overwatering can result in root rot and death of the plant.


sunlight requirement for citrus

Growing citrus plants on the balcony or on the terrace, location is very important because these trees need full direct sunlight of at least 6 hours for the best result.



During the time of fruiting add one handful of steamed bone meal powder which is very inexpensive. Add banana peel fertilizer once in 15 days to supplement good potassium.

Pests and diseases

pests and diseases in citrus

Improper care can cause pests like aphids, mealy bugs and whiteflies. Citrus canker is a major disease.


neem oil

Best in prevention by spraying neem oil once in 15 days (5-10ml neem oil in one litre of water)


repotting citrus plant

To maintain a healthy plant, citrus trees can be repotted once a year. 


pruning of lemon tree

To prune damaged and dried leaves to promote vegetative growth. Trees pruned prior to blooming. 


benefits for citrus fruits

This plant helps in weight loss, and reduce the risk of heart, kidney stones and digestive issue.

This fruits are used in foods and cleaning products.

Helps clear skin and boost immunity.

Beneficial for throat infection.

It has a good source of vitamin C.

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Lemon eco-friendly plant

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