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Moringa tree is a fast growing tree found in tropical semi arid region. moringa is a perennial and soft wood tree. Moringa leaf look like a feathery foliage of tri pinnate with oval shaped  leaflets. This is a small, deciduous tree with sparse foliage.

drumstick tree

Types of drumstick

Drumstick has a different species such as Moringa oleifera, Moringa stenopetala, Moringa drouhardii, Moringa hildebrandtii and Moringa concanensis.


Moringa oleifera

All part of the moringa oleifera are said to be highly nutritious and medicinal from the roots to the back to the seeds even the flower. Only the murungai leaves are recommended daily consumption but people find seed convenient to ingest. The murungai leaves have 10 times the vitamin  of carrot, twice the vitamin C of oranges and 15 times the potassium of bananas and 17 times the calcium of milk.

Moringa oleifera

 Moringa stenopetala

The taste of the murungai leaf are bitter to sweet. This plant grow at the height of 6-12 meters. M.stenopetala also referred as African moringa, cabbage tree. Raw leaf eaten as a vegetable

Moringa stenopetala

Moringa drouhardii

The tree bole is cylindrical shape because to facilitate the storage of water. M. drouhardii usually grows up to 5-10 meters height. This moringa leaf is used for making oil and medicine.

Moringa drouhardii

Moringa hildebrandtii

Drumstick plant stem are deep red with small ivory white flower occurs. This plant is the drought resistant tree . M. hildebrandtii plant are ornamental and used for medicine. Scientific analysis has shown that moringa leaves contain more than 46 types of antioxidants.

Moringa hildebrandtii

Moringa concanensis

The inflorescence of the moringa flower is panicle. This flower petals are yellow in color. Capsule are straight with pale green. Better fruiting and flowering time of this crop are January to February. This species of moringa varieties only have bipinnate leaves. this moringa tree commonly called as Konkan moringa. This plant used to treat fertile problem.

Moringa concanensis


Drumsticks tree is quick growing tree variety. The layer of the cork surrounds the white grey bark. This leaf are foliage. Moringa oleifera is the most valuable plants.

murungai tree


Moringa seeds are rich in crude protein and lipids. Size of the seeds is globular with 1cm diameter.

murungai seed


Water the soil with the watering can until it is dump but not overwatering. Watering once in a week is best.



Requires direct bright sunlight for better growth. Drumstick tree placed at north position is ideal.



Add organic compost and cow manure as mulch in a late winter and once in a late summer. Proper guidance can helps to prevents the pest and diseases.

organic compost


After 4-6 month plant is ready to transplant the outdoor garden or a large size pot. The sixth month of the plant start to flowering.



When moringa tree start to grow, they will grow rapidly over the course of a year. Once the trees reach 8 to 10 feet cut them back. Remove and destroy diseased and old dried plant. Prompt pruning can enhance the high yield.

pruning of moringa

Moringa benefits

Highly rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and foliate.

It is good for the skin, stomach, hair, nervous system, and detoxification.

Murungai keerai is water purification and controls soil erosion.

Moringa tree is an all-in-one plant that produces leaves, drumsticks, and flowers.

Drumstick pant helps with weight loss, improves liver, and cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, and is antiseptic.

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Drumstick green plant

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