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Clitoria ternatea-Sangu poo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Clitoria ternatea-Sangu poo

The Clitoria ternatea-Sangu poo plants are perfect tropical houseplants. It is grown as a vine or creeper plant. These Clitoria plants are holy and are also called Sangu poo or Shankupuspi.

Clitoria ternatea

Sangu poo

For a century of years, these Sangu poo plants are used in traditional Ayurveda medicine & Chinese traditional medicine. It is believed to bring positive energies to the home.

Sangu poo plants

Asian Pigeonwings

The Asian pigeonwings scientifically called Clitoria ternatea belongs to the fabaceae legume family native to Indonesia. Has specialty of this plant is nitrogen fixation naturally occurs in root nodules of this Asian pigeonwing.

Asian pigeon

Blue pea flower

The blue pea flower have 5 blue petals corella with two wrinkle wings it is also called ‘tropical alfalfa' often referred to as the protein bank of legume plants.

How to grow plants from Seeds

Firstly, collect the seeds from dried pods of the sangu poo plant. Directly sow the seeds to soil or any growth medium. Water the seeds gently. After 15-20 seeds start to germinate after 45 days fully developed plants can be seen.

blue butterfly pea seeds


This creeping flower plants are classified into two types single petaled & multi-petaled in different colors like purple, blue,pink,red & white. And Clitoria ternatea benefits are greater.

varieties of clitoria

Plant Care


The Clitoria ternatea requires well-drained sandy, heavy clay, sodic & shallow soil with acidic pH of 6.5 to 7.6. And also this plant thrives well in coco peat organic potting mix.

plant sapling


This Asian pigeonwings plant does not require regular watering. Water the blue butterfly pea plants for two to three days once. Alternate days’ watering helps plants to grow fast.

watering for blue butterfly pea

It also tolerate frost, shade & over watering but it seems to reduce the yield.


This creeper loves to grow in direct sunlight for excellent growth. At least 6 -10 hours of direct sunlight needed for good flower yield.

sunlight for Asian pigeonwings


Application of well-decomposed cow or goat manure around the plants monthly once for best plant growth.

cow manure for clitoria ternatea


The pulses & legume plants intercropped with Sangu poo plants help to improve the increased nitrogen content of the soil. As the Clitoria plants have nitrogen-fixing capacity at root nodules.

intercropping sangu poo with benefits


Just cut off the dead, withered & damaged plant parts alone.



Repot the plants yearly once or annually for enhancing soil nutrients & faster plant growth. Transfer the plants to new bigger size pots.

Clitoria ternatea benefits

  • Butterfly blue is rich in antioxidants that protect against free radicals.
  • This called a wonder herb’ due to its ability to promote healthy urinary flow & reduce inflammation.
  • The Sangu poo plant helps to promote healthy skin, boosts memory, and enhances cognition.
  • Clitoria plants increase acetylcholine levels which are good for memory and concentration.
  • Clitoria tea has caffeine-free herbal tea that has many beneficial values.
  • It is also grow as an ornamental hedge & vastu plant.

Clitoria ternatea benefits

Growing creeper plants around your garden help to make the best green fence & green wall. Grow plants all over the place at home as possible as you can.

save green & clitoria ternatea benefits

Green tree is life for all!

Clitoria ternatea-creeper plant

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