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Succulent And Cactus Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Succulent And Cactus Plants Combo

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Get the popular succulent & cactus plants at most reasonable cost.Using these stunning succulents, you will be able to create an eye-catching display.Hurry for your purchase,this limited time offer plants.


List of Succulent & Cactus Plants in the Combo


  1. Opuntia tuna monstrosa *1
  2. Sedum adolphii Golden * 1
  3. Mother of Thousands * 1
  4. Sedum adolphii Green * 1
  5. Sedum makinoi ‘Limelight’ * 1
  6. Aloe  ‘Black  beauty’ * 1 

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Succulent And Cactus Plants Combo


Buy the Succulent and cactus plants combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. We have  selected each succulent for its attractive shapes, interesting textures, and ease of care. For beginners or busy individuals, these succulents & cactus are ideal for indoor or outdoor gardens, since they require little care. You can purchase more interesting succulent plants online from us.Get this limited time offer!


About Plants 



This is an excellent cactus & vastu plant, especially at home. It has an appearance with numerous small cylindrical tubercles. Opuntia is a bushy cactus with cylindrical branches. 

Sedum adolphii Golden 

These miniature golden rosettes formed by trailing succulents & leaves have bulged in the middle, Most showcaseable plants for indoors and its perfect for hanging, roof gardens & other related.

Mother of Thousands

As the name specifies this plant produces 1000 seeds. It is an abundant producer, so dropping these baby plants can quickly get out of hand.

Sedum adolphii Green

The Sedum Adolphii is a rosette-forming succulents that produces individual rosettes in small clusters. Grows up to the height of 0.2m tall.

Sedum makinoi ‘Limelight’

A mat forming succulent, Sedum makinoi ‘Limelight’ has stunning, lime green leaves and slender, creeping stems. It grows up to the height of 4-5 inches tall.

Aloe ‘Black Beauty’ 

This Aloe variety has stiff bumpy leaves, it turns purple after some days, and this plant gives cream coral colored flowers during the spring season. It gives a vibrant look both indoors & outdoor.

Plant Care


Sunlight: All these succulent plants online require bright indirect light of 2-3 hours.

Watering: These plants require only some moisture content over the growth medium. Remember not to wet the plant growth medium.

Water the plants in the morning 8 to 10 am.

Growth Medium: Coco peat potting mix.

Feed: Application of bio-npk or succulent based fertilizer at time of monthly once.

Repotting: Transfer the plants to new pots when the plants are congested to grow.


We Santhi online plants fulfill your garden needs at an reasonable cost & deliver plants online over PAN India. Get the green plant parents at an affordable cost.

Also we say that we have a good collection of succulents & cactus online. For more kindly visit our website & grow lovely plants around you. Grab your offer, this extends limited time only


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  1. Arun Kumar

    Beautiful plants

  2. Priyanga

    Lovely & Cute plants

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