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Pack Of 20 White Flowers - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Pack Of 20 White Flowers



One of the easiest ways to beautify your home garden & terrace garden is through our white flower plants. These plants make your garden look attractive by blooming eye-catching & high-yielding white flowers. 


Specialty of the combo: These plants are cut flowers, ornamental flowers, pooja flowers, fragrant flowers & high-yielding. This combo is specially offered for white flower lovers & garden enthusiasts.


The List of Plants in this Combo includes


  1. Big Parijatham – Gardenia big * 1
  2. Spanish Jasmine – Jathi Mullai * 1
  3. Fragrance Kagattan * 1
  4. Jasminum fluminense – Santhana Mullai * 1
  5. Kodai Malli * 1
  6. Layered Jasmine – Adukku Malli * 1
  7. Royal Jasmine – Getti Malli * 1
  8. Small Parijatham – Gardenia small * 1
  9. Angel Wings Jasmine – Oosi Malli * 1
  10. Bulb Sampangi – Tuberose * 1
  11. Crepe Jasmine Double Layered Mini * 1
  12. Crepe Jasmine Mini * 1
  13. Crepe jasmine Single Medium * 1
  14. Variegated Crepe Jasmine * 1
  15. Crepe Jasmine Layered * 1
  16. Variegated Crepe Jasmine Layered * 1
  17. Clerodendrum inerme – Seaside clerodendron * 1
  18. Singapuri Ixora White plant * 1
  19. Mussaenda white * 1
  20. Nerium oleander White Plant * 1

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Pack Of 20 White Flowers


Buy the Pack of 20 white flowers from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This white flowers plants are evergreen perennial houseplant with lovely flowers. These are ornamental flowers blooms high & its most overlooked in landscape design & gardening.If you look to fill your garden with white flowers, here list of 20 plants to get you started. You can buy various ornamental flower plants from our online plant shopping.




These are low maintenace, beginner friendly flower plants for home 

White flowers have specific attractive look to your garden landcape & it helps in natural pollination.

And these have benefits of pooja & cut flower with ornamental values.


Key requirements for Plants Growth 


Soil: This pack of 20 white flower plants thrives best at acidic loving soil of well-drained condition & pH 6 to 7. Or organic pot mix.

Watering: Water the plants when top inches of soil seem dry to touch.

Sunlight: These plants need direct sun light for about 4-5 hours.

Feed: Application of any organic fertilizer or compost monthly once around these plants.

Plant Placement: This combo plants can be placed at garden area, terrace garden & corridors.


About Us 


We Santhi Online Plants have 20+ online plants combo at affordable cost. We offer organic fertilizers for your houseplants which help to grow faster & healthier.

For more details, kindly visit our website & get the beautiful flower plants for home from us.



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