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Organic Pot mix (5 Kg) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Organic Pot mix (5 Kg)


Get the pot mix which is the miracle soil & great alternative to garden soil & sand, especially for pot plants. It contains natural organic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides & compost. Purchase plants & organic fertilizers at lowest price.


Ingrediants Used

  1. Coco peat (தேங்காய் நார்)
  2. Vermicomposting (மண் புழு உரம்)
  3. Cow manure (மாடு சாணம்)
  4. Goat manure (ஆட்டு சாணம்)
  5. Neem cake (வேப்பம் புண்ணாக்கு)
  6. Neem oil (வேப்ப எண்ணெய்)
  7. Groundnut cake (நிலக்கடலை புண்ணாக்கு)
  8. Panchagavya (பஞ்சகவ்வியம்)


Organic Pot mix (5 Kg)


Buy the organic pot mix(5 kg) from our Santhi online plants nursery website. Our organic pot mix is made of coco peat growth medium incorporated with 8 organic fertilizers & some beneficial microbes. This pot mix is  miracle soil & best alternative to garden soil & its ready use , does not contain any pathogens, diseases. You can purchase different types of organic products for plants from our online plant shop & go green.


The potting soil made through aerobic decomposition of cocopeat mixed with the 8 organic fertilizers & some beneficial microbes,  all of these are 100% organic. 


This cocopeat online is the perfect growth medium for all types of home garden plants. 

Most importantly does not have compact structure.Cocopeat mix has well-aerated moisture conserving structure

This potting mix allows plants to absorb soil nutrients and water in an appropriate environment.

And it’s light in weight & easy to handle. 

Usage Organic Coco peat Pot mix (5 Kg)

  • Gently fill the pots or grow bag with organic pot mix and grow plants, seeds, bulbs & many others.
  • No need to add any additional fertilizers.
  • Water the plants regularly, and after 3 weeks apply any suitable organic fertilizer to plants this makes healthy green plant parents.


We are the best online plant nursery in india you can purchase a wide range of plants & products from us.

And also you can visit our website & grow green plants around & get fresh clean air.




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