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Nerium oleander Red Double Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Nerium oleander Red Double Plant


Nerium oleander red double is an evergreen shrub with attractive red double-layered flowers. This plant is categorized under cut flowers plant, flower plants, ornamental plants and air-purifier plant.

  • COMMON NAME: Nerium oleander red (double layered) 
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nerium oleander 
  • FAMILY: Apocynaceae
  • SOIL: Grows well in all types of soil and mostly prefers alkaline soil
  • BLOOM TIME: Early Summer.

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Nerium oleander Red Double Plant

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This plant grows as a small tree with clusters of flowers all around the year. Leaves are thick, narrow, and dark green colored. Flowers grow as clusters at each end of the branches with red double-layered petals, each flower measuring about 2.5-5 cm with a sweet-scented fragrance. Fruits are mostly unripened in this species, which spreads through the wind.  You can purchase this flowering plant from our online plant garden store and decorate your garden area with these beautiful flowers.

FERTILIZER: This plant does not require any fertilizer application often. To increase the flower color you can apply any compost. You can purchase from our online plant shopping to grow disease and pest-free plants.

PROPAGATION: Done through terminal cuttings and seeds.

REPOTTING: Nerium plants do not require repotting. When plants grow widely in a pot then you can report. Transfer the plants to a large pot where the plants can grow sufficiently add any potting mix or compost as a top dressing to enrich the plant growth. You can purchase from our online plant shopping to get good healthy plants at your doorstep.                            

PRUNING: Pruning is done after bloom time or in the fall season. Trim the branches just above the leaf node or cut the new shoots at the base of plants to enhance the plant. If you find any pests or diseases, trim those leaves, and stems and apply neem oil to get rid of pests and diseases. We have a wide range of plant varieties you can purchase from our online plant nursery website.


 Recently, NASA declared that the Nerium plants help to reduce pollutants from soil and air.


  • This plant is used to treat asthma, cardiac illness, cancer, painful menstrual cycles, leprosy, malaria, indigestion, ringworms, and herpes & abscesses.
  • Used to control air pollution mostly.
  • Leaves and bark are used for natural mulching & composting purposes.
  • Nerium plant varieties have anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties.
  • Used for ornamental, landscaping, and hedging purposes.

Nerium oleander red double-layered flower plants are in high requirement nowadays, we offer these plants at an affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • It’s an outdoor plant.
  • These plants can grow in a container size of 6 inches.
  • Fill the pot with the required amount of garden soil along with a nutrient-rich pot rich to increase plant growth.
  • This plant requires watering weekly once, don’t overwater the plants as it may lead to root rot diseases.
  • To keep in direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Apply neem oil in required quantities when you find any pests or diseases in your plants. In the early or late evening apply fertilizer.
  • Easy to handle with little care.
  • It’s an outdoor plant.

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  • Nerium plants are toxic to human beings & pet animals if they are ingested.
  • Generally, make sure to grow around children.


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