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Hibiscus Pink Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Hibiscus Pink Plant

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Hibiscus is an evergreen shrub native to Tropical Asia. And it produces stunning flowers throughout the year. Moreover, it has ornamental and commercial values.

Name: This plant is known as the China Rose, Rose mallow, Sembaruthi, or Shoeblackplant.

Scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Origin: Originated from Asia

Height: Plants can grow up to 5 meters

Family: Malvaceae

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Hibiscus Pink

Buy pink hibiscus flower Plant or Hibiscus Pink online from Santhi live plants online website.

Hibiscus Pink is a perennial flowering plant. One of the best flowering plants, Provide Year-round flowering. They are perfect for an outdoor garden and sunny balcony. Firstly, they originated from tropical Asia. And, they can grow up to 5 meters. Secondly, Hibiscus flowers symbolize beauty and love. They are the perfect gift to those you want to send love, passion, and respect. And, their flowers and other parts of the plant are used to make medicine. The fragrance of flowers depends on their variety and climatic conditions. We offer plants from our state-of-the-art nursery. Hence, we recommend you to buy plants online from us.

Hibiscus Pink is one of the most popular and beautiful flowers. Firstly, they have large flowers with up to five petals. And, their colors can be white to pink, red, orange, peach, and yellow or purple that are 4–18 cm broad. Similarly, the flowers from various cultivars and hybrids can be either a single flower or a double flower. And this is a single-layered flower plant.

Hibiscus helps in deep cleansing the skin without depriving it of its natural oils. Hibiscus grows quickly once warmer weather arrives. The AHAs in Hibiscus remove dead cells, flaky skin on the surface and cleanse pores by making the skin look fresh.

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  • Firstly, they are beautiful and often used for decoration.
  • Studies have found hibiscus might be able to lower blood pressure.
  • And it can reduce levels of sugar, fats, and cholesterol in the blood.
  • Similarly, they can decrease spasms in the stomach, intestines, and uterus.
  • Moreover, they are used in weddings and ceremonies as ornaments.
  • Many commercial products like supplements and Tea can be made from Hibiscus.
  • And, supplements are available in capsule, tincture, and powder forms.
  • In addition, they are used as waxes and as for tea.
  • People consume hibiscus tea to decrease body temperature.
  • And, it can treat heart diseases and high blood pressure.
  • In addition, they are also used as conditioners and can improve hair health.
  • Moreover, it has high commercial demand and is excellent for plantations.
  • Finally, it has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.


This plant has many ornamental and health benefits, which is why it’s in high demand these days. We grow our plants using natural and organic methods. And, we offer high-quality plants and products. Therefore, we are the best online plant shopping store.


Firstly, This online nursery plant requires very little maintenance. Secondly, water it when the soil seems dry. And allow it to drain thoroughly. We offer an Organic Potting mix that boosts the plant’s growth. And, makes it more resilient in fighting diseases. To learn more, kindly check out our nursery online plants.

12 reviews for Hibiscus Pink Plant


    Bought it in feb. Giving 2-3 flowers daily now. Very happy with the purchase.

  2. Prabakaran R

    Nice collections …..

  3. Arjun gupta

    I want this plan

  4. vikraman

    Good packing

  5. Divya

    Baby pink Hibiscus bloomed today, such a lovely color.. thank u Santhi plants

  6. Sahana

    This one is amazing ❤beautiful baby pink hibiscus and it is rare color.

  7. Lalitha

    Nice colour

  8. joyfullachu

    Beautiful colour

  9. vlmolleti (verified owner)

    I bought this plant in June this year 2021, received a small sapling, now it has grown well and flowering started, very happy with the purchase

  10. seetha

    Best of all the plants arrived healthy, I will be ordering again! Thank you!

  11. Jaansi

    My entire order was received and packaged very well, All the plants are healthy But Plants size are small,

  12. Saranya Karunagaran

    I am very happy to buy all the healthy plants

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