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The Philodendron is the king of foliage & air-purifier plants. At the present,most of us get tired & unhealthy due to a lack of oxygen content. To overcome this, grow plants indoors and the best solution is Philodendron plants. 


Philodendron houseplant

The best houseplant with low maintenance and care is Philodendrons. Most of these plants have broad big leaves possibly with holes or without holes. The reason behind this is leaves promote more oxygen and absorbs dust particles and other toxins from the indoor environment.

plant philodendron

Indoor Philodendron

These are epiphytic, hemi epiphytic (mostly climbers on trees). The word Philodendron means Philo- affection & dendron- a tree which shows that these plants love to grow over other trees or moss poles like money plants.

philodendron plant

Types of Philodendron

There are about 489 known species of Philodendrons around the world. Some known popular species are Philodendron Birkin Green, Philodendron Birkin Pink, Heart leaf philodendron, Philodendron rugosum, and others.

philodendron birkin green

Does Philodendron need sun

This plant requires only indirect sunlight or partial light like artificial growth light. Possibly requires Sunlight of about 4-6 hours. And the plant's placement can be west or southeast-facing window sides or any other suitable place where the plant receives the required light.


Potting Medium

Soil to be well-drained, and fertile with good organic content. In the case of coco peat, it needs to be porous and well-aerated.

potting mix

Support the Plants to Climb

The process of climbing allows the plants to grow more giant leaves. Allow the plants to climb on windows or any other trees. Alternatively, we can use the moss pole for climbing indoors. And moss poles to be filled with good potting mix.

philodendron moss pole


This plant loves to grow in increased humidity around the plants. Only make the soil or potting medium moist at regular intervals not to make a soggy environment.

philodendron watering


Apply any organic foliar spray to promote the plant growth at the interval of 15 days once. Application of groundnut cake powder or mustard cake powder around the soil or top dressing of potting mix. 


Propagation done by stem cuttings or leaves. Select a good healthy stem or leaf from the mother plant with nodes put into the water and allow them to float. Within a week stem or leaf starts to germinate new growth.

Deficiency symptoms 

Sometimes foliage turns yellow resulting in chlorosis due to a deficiency of magnesium & iron. To control deficiency symptom application any organic fertilizer is given as foliar spray.


The most common pest are aphids and mealy bugs. Use water application forcefully to clear these pests.


  • This plant improves the quality of air indoors by promoting more oxygen content.
  • It is one of the NASA-recommended air-purifier plants.
  • This plant remove harmful pollutants and toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and others from electronic devices indoors.
  • Growing philodendrons indoors keep the environment ever fresh and good.
  • Most importantly not to place the plants in AC rooms or direct sunlight.

Cleaning leaves

Ever remember to clean philodendron leaves in 4 to 5 days intervals wipe the leaves with a wet soft cloth. It helps plant to get a fresh look and healthier growth.

cleaning philodendron

   Plants are nature’s gift to save our motherland and ourselves from harmful pollutants and toxins. Grow more plants and get quality air from greens!

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