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Indoor plants for home - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Indoor plants for home

Did you love to grow indoor plants for home? here are the best plants that you can grow indoors with low maintenance & air-purifying properties.

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Indoor plants for home

  1. Philodendron
  2. Money Plant
  3. Aglaonema
  4. Syngonium
  5. Snake Plant
  6. Alocasia
  7. Peperomia
  8. Peace Lily


Many of us think Philodendrons are money plants, but it's not the money plant. Philodendrons have heart-shaped leaves and the leaves are soft, papery & thin. 

Philodendrons are versatile plants that grow from a 1-foot length node. It gives a beautiful look plant for home.

The philodendrons are NASA-approved air purifiers, and easy-to-care houseplant thrives well in soil, cocopeat & water. The light requirement is only indirect


Check for Philodendron plant care.

2. Money Plant

Money plants are commonly called devil's ivy, pothos,&arum. It is hard to kill a houseplant that grows perfectly both indoors & outdoors. Leaves are thicker & waxy, and stem and foliage are the same color.

Money requires at least 50% shade for both indoors & outdoors. Too much direct light may burn the leaves, and minimum low light leads to stunted growth.

Pothos are popular for low maintenance & suit best for AC rooms, office desks, meeting halls, and many others indoors. The pruning of plants is most important for healthier growth.

lucky indoor plants for home

Check for money plant care

3. Aglaonema

One of the striking colourful plants for indoors and the plant has shallow roots. Foliage differs in colors such as red, pink, white, crime-green, and many others.

Aglaonema plants require proper minimal care and thrive best at low lights or without light.

The Aglaonema species are lucky indoor plants for the home and bring more positive vibes & indoor plants for home decor.


Check Aglaonema plant care

4. Syngonium

The plant has heart-shaped foliage & delights your home with different foliage. Most of the Syngonium grows as lovely creepers & others grow as the cutest upright-growing plant.

Syngonium plants are easy to care plant with very minimum light & watering. It suits best to grow indoor plants for home decor, office table tops & meeting rooms.

Researchers from NASA and other organizations have approved this plant as an air purifier, and it tops the list. Syngonium absorbs pollutants into their leaves, and the toxins go to the root zone where they are transformed into nutrients for the plant.


Check for Syngonium plant care

5. Snake Plants

Nowadays, In many households, plants are placed for decoration & to maintain vastu feng shui. The snake plant is one of those known for both good looking & improving air quality at indoors.

Most people think snake plants belong to Sansevieria but it is actually a Dracaena.

By process of photosynthesis, plants clean the air by taking CO2 & releasing O2.

It is the best indoor plants for home decor.

lucky indoor plants for home

Check for Snake plant care

6. Alocasia 

The Alocasia plants are tropical aroids that thrive best both indoors & outdoors. Leaves are long and have waxy surfaces and these Alocasia plants give aesthetic looks to all indoors & outdoors.

Most of the Alocasia are indoor plants for home & they are water-loving one. Alocasia thrives best in evenly moist soil & not soggy soil.


Check for Alocasia care

7. Peperomia 

It will be a trending & new addition to your indoor plants world. This plant is popular for glossy leaves with heart-shaped, oval leaves. Plant arises from thick, waxy, succulent leaves and stems.

It is best indoors in hanging baskets, table tops, office tables & many other suitable environments.

And peperomia plants are perfect border plants.


Check for peperomia plant care 

8. Peace Lily

The peace lilies are the most versatile & perfect air purifier. It can be easily propagated through rhizomes. Peace lily flowers are pearl-colored and look beautiful in all types of indoor environments.

It gives the look of a green touch in any indoor environment. 

Peace lilies are great at breaking down and neutralizing toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. And it is lucky indoor plants for home bring positive energy. Place the plants in northeast directions.

indoor plants for home

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