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Grapes are a sweet fruit in the summer season. Grape plants are grows like a vine which are found in many colors such as purple, red and black. Grapefruit is typically in ellipsoid shape. Grape is the one of the deciduous and refreshing fruit.



Grape has more than 10,000 different species some of them are listed below, there are moon drops grape, concord grape, cardinal grape, green grape, and blue grape.

Moon drops grape

moon drop grapes

Moon drops grapes are a seedless variety which is tubular in shape. Another name for this variety is sweet sapphire grapes. Grape fruit has dimples at the bottom. Well, mature grape fruits have a crisp texture and juicy flavour.

Concord grapes

concord grape

Concord grapes can adapt to all ranges of soil and climatic conditions. This variety mainly grows for economic purposes. This fruit has a thick skin which is too shiny. Another name for this variety is fox grape.

Cardinal grape

cardinal grapes

This grapes plant is highly produced in California. It has a large fruit which bears black seed. The study of growing grape plant is called viticulture. Grape leaves alternate and palmately lobed. This fruit has a strawberry taste.

Green grapes

green grapes

Green grapes prefer loamy and sandy soils. Fruit plants climb woody vines and they grow with the support of a trellis. It has greenish heart-shaped leaves. Green grapes produce fragrant flowers. Commonly known as white grape plant. This is a non-climacteric grape fruit plant and cross-pollinated crop.

Blue grapes

blue grapes

Blue grapes are too deciduous. Cluster-like appearance is good to see. Blue grapes mainly used for making juice, and wine preparation. After attaining better growth of the blue grapes plant, the vines will be fixed to the pole so that they can grow vertically. 


soil for grape fruit

Grapes grow soil with a pH range of 6.5-7.5. Use coconut fibre cover over the soil, the coir helps maintain the moisture and also prevents the beetle from laying the egg. It performs best in deep medium textured soil.



Grape are fruit tree that needs regular watering throughout their life cycle. During the hot season, a mature vine needs about 8 to 10 gallons of water per day. At the time of berry development, irrigated at weekly intervals.



Grapes require 7 hours of direct sunlight per day. It promotes high yield and has an economic purpose. Overexposure to the sun can lead to fruit burn. This fruit plant also requires good air circulation.



Best to use mulch to maintain soil moisture. Application of banana peels, bone meal, wood ash, and well-decomposed manure can enhance the new vegetative growth. 



Early spring season is the best time to transplanting. Loosening the roots before planting enables the roots to spread out and grow in all directions. 


grape plant pruning

Plant vines will have their entire branches pruned and new branches will grow in the spring season. Prune the side branches and any off-shoots. Only allow one or two main stems for the first year. When the plant reaches pencil thickness, it is time to prune all the leaves and trick the plant into winter mode.


Good source of vitamins and minerals. Grow on a creeper in large numbers.

It contains minerals and vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin C.

Grape fruit has low-fat calories and a well-balanced diet.

All parts of the grape plants used as medicine.

The identification of locally suited multipurpose varieties which can be used for table, wine and raisin production is desirable, as this would improve the economic stability of grape growers and hence industry viability.

Go green! Green goes with everything, you know

Grapes fruit plant

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