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Bottle gourd - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Bottle gourd

The most essential plant is the bottle gourd vegetable plant in our day-to-day life. It is botanically Lagenaria siceraria and it belongs to the Cucurbitaceous family.In south India its commonly called as Sorakkai.

Bottle gourd

Plant description

The bottle gourd plants has commonly cultivated plants in India. Most of the Cucurbitaceae vegetable plants are annual climbing vines with wide leaves & those are edible. The fruit has various shapes. And the shape depends upon the varieties.

bottle gourd plant description

Most of the bottle gourd shapes are uniformly cylindrical, curved round bulbous. Lagenaria siceraria plant bears attractive white flowers & plant grows up to 4 -5 inches in diameter with large petals.


In India, the bottle gourd plants are cultivated as essential vegetable. Popular varieties of bottle gourd are CO1, PKM 1, PLR 2, PLR 1(salad type), Pusa Megdoot, Arka Bahar, TNAU Bottle gourd Hybrid CO1 & Pusa Summer Prolific Long.

bottle gourd varieties

Growing Bottle gourd from seeds

Initially,sow the quality seeds directly in to the pits or raised seed beds & sprinkle water.
Seeds germinate 3 to 4 days after planting. And matured plant climbs as they are climbers
Harvesting done 2-3 months after harvesting.

Bottle gourd seeds
sorakkai seeds


Best season for sowing this plant is during January & July.

season for Lagenaria siceraria


This vegetable plant spacing needs to be 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm at the size of 2.5*2 meters.

spacing for vegatble plant


This vegetable plant prefers to grow in sandy loamy soil with good drainage preferably acidic pH of 6 to 6.5 & plant thrives well at good organic potting mix.

soil required for sorakkai


Water the plants two days once in a week. This sorakkai vegetable plants loves regular soil moist & in large farming drip irrigation followed.



The sorakkai vegetable plants need minimum fertilizer application like organic fertilizers, manure, FYM, vermicompost & neem oil can be applied.

organic fertilizer

Plant Training

This vegetable plants training done through bamboo sticks or any dried branches.

plant training of vegetable plants


Removal of weeds around this vegetable plant should be done by hand weeding or hoeing.

weeding of  vegetabe plants


Trim the old dried plant parts. Removal of rotten fruit from plant during the rainy season.

harvest of Lagenaria siceraria


Tender fruits are harvested before the fruit becomes 100% of matured. This sorakkai benefits has good healthy benefits.

Lagenaria siceraria harvest


Each plant can produce up to 5 fruits/plant
In Large scale 17-20 t/ha in 135-175 days.

Lagenaria siceraria yield


The sorakkai benefits are enormous such as

  • Bottle gourd contains a good amount of vitamin C, B, folate, iron, zinc & calcium.
  • It has contain a high amount of choline, a neurotransmitter which are good for brain function.
  • String music instruments made from dried bottle gourds like khanjiri,tumba, veena, & others.
benefits of bottle gourd vegetable plants

Growing plants around you help to reduce stress, makes the environment fresh, gives a calming effect & feels relaxed.

Go green

Save Earth & Go Green.

Bottle gourd-Sorkkai vegetable plant.

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