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BIO CONTROL AGENT - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Due to some logistical issues, the dispatch will be after 10 working days. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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Biological control agent refers to the use of natural or modified organisms, gene products, to reduce the effects of undesirable organisms and to favor desirable organisms such as crops, beneficial insects, and microorganisms.


  • It is usually highly specific to a particular pest.
  • Although expensive to introduce (mainly due to research costs), it can be very cheap in the long term.
  • It can provide a long-term solution to a pest problem
  • There is no environmental contamination.
  • Pests do not become resistant.


  • A biological control agent is an organism, such as an insect or plant disease, that is used to control a pest species.
  • Often the goal of those who use bio control agents on rangelands is to suppress the alien weeds and at least partially restore the native plant community.
  • Therefore, Biological control involves using living organisms similarly, insects, pathogens, or grazing animals, to suppress a weed infestation.


  • The bio control agents protect plants from their natural enemies like parasites, from predation, etc.
  • They help in controlling the infestation of plant pests such as weeds, nematodes, insects, and mites.
  • The biological control agents are specific to harmful organisms
  • Do not kill useful organisms present in the soil
  • Aphidius - parasitoid of aphids
  • Cucumeris - predatory mite of thrips
  • Encarsia - parasitoid of whitefly
  • Entomopathogenis nematodes - insecticidal nematodes which attack a range of insect pests
  • Hypoapsis - predatory mite of fungus gnats
  • Green lacewing - predator of aphids and moth eggs
  • Montdorensis - predator of thrips
  • Persimilis - predatory mite of two spotted mite
  • Trichogramma - for instance, egg parasitoid of a range of insect pests
  • Biological control agents are released into crops in a number of ways.


Bio control agents are three types of entities involved in biological control these are

  • Avirulent agent or hypo virulent individuals within the pathogenic species itself after that cause the reduction of virulent strain of the pathogen by cross-production mechanism.
  • Genetically modified host plant that may be manipulate either by cultural pratices or with microorganisms after that provide resistance against pathogens.
  • Antagonists these include all classes and groups of organisms existing in an ecosystem and interfere with the disease producing activities of the pathogens.

Above all, The important genera of fungi studied as biocontrol agents are Trichoderma, Gilocladium, aspergillius, Chaetomium, pencillium etc. Many bacterial strains studies for their plant growth promoting activity for instance, biocontrol potential, these include agrobacterium, bacillius, Enterobacter, erwina, pseudomonas, and steptomyces etc.


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