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Alocasia has become the most striking foliage plant. There are about 80+ varieties of alocasia plant in the world. Alocasia leaves are most prominent for their veins & variegation.


Alocasia plant 

This the most popular indoor plant grown especially for foliage. Leaves are large, broad, and shiny with darker veins. These indoor plants are long-surviving houseplants. Depending on the variety alocasia grows around 8 to 10 feet tall.

alocasia plant

Alocasia varieties

These alocasia varieties are wide & they are tender perennial plants. Striking alocasia varieties are nebula, cuprea, wentii, dragon scale, silver dragon, stingray, frydek, amazonica & others.

alocasia varieties


Wentii plants have excellent looking with massive, shiny leaves on the elongated stem. This indoor plant is a mild air-purifier plant.

alocasia wentii


The Nebula variety has leaves that are greenish-grey with cup-shaped foliage & plant grows faster with minimum maintenance.

alocasia nebula


The foliage of this variety is shiny with greyish-green foliage & it grows on the elongated stems. And the plant measures up to 12 to 18 inches.

alocasia cuprea

Dragon scale

This variety is full of green color with darker smooth veins. Dragron scale best indoor plant thrives well in high humidity.

alocasia dragon scale

Silver Dragon 

Larger leaves of grey foliage with smooth structures measure up to the height of 1.6 feet tall. Good-looking ornamental plants especially for interior areas.

alocasia silver dragon


Alocasia stingray plants are unique shapes and are highly recommended for beginners. It is a fast-growing houseplant.

alocasia stringray


Green velvet plants are frydek plants. The foliage has a velvety green structure with wide size leaves. It is a herbaceous perennial plant with rhizomatous root growth.

alocasia frydek


It is a compact fast growing indoor plant. Mature plants reach up to 2 feet tall. It is a hybrid variety.

alocasia amazonica


This indoor plant requires excellent drainage soil or good coco peat potting mix. And it requires moist rich well-drained soil. Soil pH is generally needed to be 5.5 to 6.5.

Alocasia soil


Needs watering weekly once or twice around the plants. Check the soil before watering & not to make the soil soggy & wet.



This plant varieties requires indirect sunlight or partial light. Best interior decoration plant with beautiful foliage. Not to place the plants in direct light as it may fade the foliage.

sun light

Fertilizer Application

Foliar spraying of any organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants. Application of Bio-NPK or groundnut cake powder around the plants helps to get healthy foliage.



Cut the stems that are close to the base of the stem & dried foliage of plants.



Transfer the plants to a new large-size pot with proper drainage holes. Repot the plants to new pots yearly once or twice.



  • Alocasia plant is best suitable for indoor environments for their ornamental leaves.
  • Indoor plants of alocasia varieties are most popular now a day. The foliage gives a luxurious look to the interior area.
  • Like alocasia wentii varieties most of the alocasia varieties are air-purifier plants.


Conserving nature by means of greenery helps to make the environment green & pleasant for all living creatures.

go green

It is possible to easily be green- Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Alocasia indoor plant

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