Withania Coagulans Plant-Panner Maram - Online Plant Nursery
Withania Coagulans Plant-Panner Maram - Online Plant Nursery
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Withania Coagulans Plant-Panner Maram

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Withania coagulant is a tiny, stiff grey-whitish shrub that grows to a height of 60-120 cm, and it is available in online plant shopping. The leaves are 2.5-7.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, generally lanceolate oblong, sometimes oval, obtuse, thin at the base, and stalkless. The yellowish blooms are around 7-12 mm wide and dioeciously and polygamously arranging. Axillary cymose clusters produce the colours. The berries are red, smooth, and wrapping in a 7-12 mm diameter of a leathery calyx. The seeds are dark brown, ear-shaped, glabrous, and smell strongly of fruit. You can buy plants online.

Name: Withania Coagulans Plant

Scientific name: Genus Withania

Origin: Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent

Height: 60 to 120 cm.

Family: Solanaceae

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Withania Coagulans Plant-Panner Maram

Buy Withania Coagulans Plant-Panner Maram from Santhi online plants nursery website.

Because the fruits and leaves of the plant are employing as a coagulant, it is also known as “Indian cheese maker” or “vegetable rennet.” The pulp and husk berries, which contain an enzyme called Within, which has milk-coagulating action, are responsible for the fruits’ milk coagulating ability.


  • It  commercially important and are growing in a variety of areas for use in Ayurveda.
  • It believes in aiding in the management of diabetes.
  • The berries contain a rennet-like protease that may use to coagulate milk to make cheese.
  • Nervous fatigue, disability, sleeplessness, wasting illnesses, failure to thrive in children, and impotence are all treating with it.
  • The fruits of this plant are using to treat liver problems, asthma, and biliousness.


Red, sandy, black, and loamy soil with a pH of 6.5-8.0 and adequate water drainage is ideal for this plant and also this plant is available in online plant shopping. This crop is growing up in semitropical regions that get 500-750 mm of rainfall.


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    Received in excellent condition of Plants

  2. sita

    Thank you again for another delivery of our plants which have arrived in their usual excellent condition. It’s so exciting establishing a garden and watching it grow and develop.

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