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Uruttu Pirandai - Creeper - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Uruttu Pirandai – Creeper

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Get the excellent Uruttu pirandi – a variety of adamant creeper with a creeper character. The speciality of this herbal plant its round longitundinal stem with tri-foliate leaves. Get the various traditional herbals at your home with fastest delivery from us.

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Uruttu Pirandai – Creeper

Buy the Uruttu Pirandi – Creeper plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This adament creeper plant is perennial with round longitudinal nodes with internodes with 8-10 cm. Each tendril has emerging from opposite side of the nodes.Pirandai plant is also a succulent plant adapt to grow in any environment. It is the perfect succulent plant.Get varieties of succulent plants from our online garden store.

Pirandai Benefits

The crushed paste form (thuvaiyal) of this pirandai is very useful for bones.

The adamant creeper stimulates energy and gives briskness

It increases memory power & strengthens the bones.

Pirandai benefits are enormous as a herbal plant.

Uruttu Pirandi – Creeper  Plant Care

Uruttu Pirandi – Creeper plants require 4-5 inches of pot to grow.

This plant prefers to grow in any type of soil preferably sandy soil.

Pirandai plants grow well in full sunlight for about 6-7 hours

And also this plant tolerates some shade.

Water the plants once or twice a week. Not to over water the plants as they are succulent.

Not to water the plants in the winter season.

Many of us do not know Pirandai in English. Its an adamant creeper.


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