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Thiruvatchi - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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  • The root bark is vermifuge.
    It is used internally to treat conditions of the large intestine.
    An infusion of the root bark is used as an external application to treat inflamed glands, abscesses and skin conditions.
    The stem bark is astringent. It is used as a gargle for the mouth.
  • The flowers are used as a remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea.
  • The fruit is said to be diuretic
    An infusion of the rind is used as an astringent gargle
  • The seed is eaten as a tonic and aphrodisiac
    A paste of the seed made with vinegar is used as a local application to the wounds produced by venomous animals
  • The leaves are an ingredient in a plaster applied to abscesses

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This medium to large shrub with its attractive, light green, two-lobed leaves produces beautiful, bright yellow flowers with black to maroon coloured centres in summer.

Medium to large shrub to a small tree, up to 4m in height.

The flowers are rich in pollen and nectar, attract various insects such as butterflies and bees. In turn these insects will attract insect eating birds. Certain birds and the larvae of certain moth species feed on the flowers. This is also a host plant for many butterfly species, with the larvae feeding on the leaves.

The soil needs to be well drained with compost added to enrich it. A covering of mulch over the soil is a good idea, replenishing the layer as regularly as possible.

The plant is harvested from the wild as a source of food, medicines and dye. It is also sometimes grown as a hedge and as an ornamental plant. Since the root system is not aggressive, it can be planted close to swimming pools, drains or paving.


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