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Terminalia Arjuna Plant-Marutha Maram - Online plants
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Terminalia Arjuna Plant-Marutha Maram

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This plant can be grown in all types of the soils. But the most preferred soil is humid, fertile and red lateritic soils.

The soil should be capable of well draining. The water logging should be avoided as it can lead to major loss of the crop.

At the time of the plantation we need to supply farmyard manure to the soil. We need to supply 5 kg of farmyard manure.

This plant doesn’t require any heavy fertilizers.

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Terminalia Arjuna Plant-Marutha Maram

Buy Terminalia Arjuna Plant-Marutha Maram from Santhi online plants nursery website.

Terminalia Arjuna(Marutha Maram)is a large, evergreen tree, with a spreading crown and drooping branches. This is a medicinal plant which is used in curing many health issues.

These are usually found on the banks of a river or on the beds of dry rivers.

Grows up to 25 m in height, and the bark is grey and smooth.

Leaves are sub-opposite. Flowers are small, white, and occur on long hanging racemes.

Keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. Choose a spot with full sun exposure for a mature plant. Used for ornamental purpose and Ayurvedic preparations.

The flower of this plant will be pale yellow in colour an they bloom in the month of March and June.

  • Arjuna herb help to remove black spots.
  • It controlled high blood pressure.
  • The use of the Arjuna herb can also cure the chest pain.
  • It is also capable of curing the Breast cancer.


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