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Syzygium Paniculatum - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Syzygium Paniculatum

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Location: full sun to light shade – one of the reasons why it is such a popular hedge plant is its ability to grow in areas where the light changes, such as in narrow passages between buildings.

Water: medium water consumption. Syzygium is tough and established plants can endure relatively long periods of drought. However, the foliage on your hedge or lollipop will be far lusher if you water the plants regularly during summer

Soil: well-drained, fertile soil is ideal. If you want to plant a hedge, rather dig a trench instead of individual planting holes. This will help you plant the hedge in a neat straight row as well as make it easier to prepare the soil.

Planting season: Spring, summer, autumn

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Syzygium Paniculatum is a well-known garden shrub with a multitude of uses. It is evergreen, has dense foliage, and grows rapidly to a height of up to 4 m if left unchecked. Syzygium is most often used for hedges, and sometimes as a screen to hide unsightly areas. It has a shallow root system that doesn’t usually damage structures. Syzygiums are sensitive to extreme cold and frost, but will grow almost anywhere.

Start when the plants are young and regularly give the growth points a light trimming. Continue to cut back the sides until the hedge has reached the height you had in mind. When this happens, you can trim across the top to stop any vertical growth and to encourage lateral growth. Thereafter, trim the hedge regularly to retain its neat shape.

As the hedge grows, you need to shape it in such a way that the top is narrower than the base. This allows the entire hedge to be exposed to the sun, which prevents bare patches developing at the base.

4 reviews for Syzygium Paniculatum

  1. Ashish Kumar Mishra

    Healthy and small plant received with lovely leaves.

  2. G Reid

    Plants arrived well packaged and healthy. Much better than other plants I’ve ordered in other websites

  3. Roberta

    They look lovely and I love the planters .I am misting them daily and hope they survive my two cats checking them out!

  4. mishra

    I’m so excited to have it here with me. thanks

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