Mini Mosambi Scientific name: Citrus limetta Origin Iran's southern regions Height: grow up to 5 meters tall Family: Rutaceae'> Mini Mosambi plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery - Plant store
Mini Mosambi plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery - Plant store
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Mini Mosambi plant


This is the most recent and novel mosambi cultivar in the citrus family. This plant doesn’t get too tall and stays small enough to grow in pots and on terraces. The fruits are medium in size and fruit more frequently than regular mosambi. It bears fruit twice a year. The best part about this fruit plant is that it will begin fruiting within a year of purchase, and it may even be brought to you with fruits on it.

Name: Mini Mosambi

Scientific name: Citrus limetta

Origin Iran’s southern regions

Height: grow up to 5 meters tall

Family: Rutaceae

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Mini Mosambi plant

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Mosambi benefits belong to the Rutaceae family and are botanically known as Citrus limetta. It’s a little tree with uneven branches and brownish-grey bark that can grow up to 5 meters tall. White, tiny, and broad flowers. Fruits are oval in shape and green in color, with a greenish pulp. In appearance, the fruit resembles a greenish orange. The flavor of the fruit is sweet and moderate, yet it still has a hint of lime. The flavor changes quickly as it comes into contact with air, and it will turn bitter in a matter of minutes if consumed soon after being juiced. Due to its lack of acidity, the flavor is a little flatter than most citrus. In the Indian market, this fruit is largely utilized for juice, especially on the roadside. In the Rutaceae family, the Mosambi benefits will find in plants for sale online shopping nurseries.

Benefits Mosambi:

  • Sweet lime is provided as juice and works well as a vodka mixer.
  • In the Indian subcontinent, it is the most widely available citrus juice. The juice is frequently sold at roadside stands.
  • The fruit, like most citrus fruits, is high in vitamin C, with 50 mg per 100 g consumption.
  • It is widely used in Iran as a home treatment for influenza and the common cold
  • The tree is utilized for both decorative and graft stock reasons.


  • Mosambi plants can thrive in either well-drained red or loamy soils.
  • For optimal development and yields, the soil pH should be between 6.5 and 7.5.
  • If you wish to cultivate Mosambi on a large scale, you need to do a soil test first.
  • mosambi benefits are simple to cultivate, whether in a pot or direct soil, as long as direct sunlight is available. Plants should be supported with bamboo sticks and irrigated thoroughly soon after planting.
  • mosambi benefits are important to remember that the bud joint should always be above ground level while planting.
  • The crop can be grown in temperatures ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Pruning isn’t necessary for the fruit-bearing trees.
  • In addition, we offer to plant order online an Organic Potting mix that boosts the plant’s growth and makes it more resilient in fighting disease.


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