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Heart leaf


Heart Leaf Philodendron is the perennial evergreen foliage plant with perfect heart-shaped leaves. This plant is categorized under indoor, air purifiers and ornamental plants.       

  • COMMON NAME: Heart-Leaf Philodendron
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Philodendron Heracleum
  • FAMILY: Araceae
  • SOIL: Grows well in well-drained, acidic neutral soil
  • SUNLIGHT: Partial or indirect sunlight
  • ORIGIN: Central and South America

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Heart leaf plant

Buy Heart-leaf philodendron plant from Santhi online plant nursery. This plant is a long-lived climber plant with shiny heart-shaped leaves and the plants grow up to the height of 10-12 feet. Philodendron plants have aerial and subterranean roots. It can be placed both indoors and outdoor but this plant doesn’t require direct sunlight. Buy this air purifier plant from our online plant store and cleanse your environment with these kinds of plants.

FERTILIZER: Apply any diluted liquid fertilizer like neem oil to protect from pests and disease after application of fertilizer plant should be kept outdoor for one day. You can buy this fertilizer from our online plant shopping and grow healthy plants.

PROPAGATION: Done through stem cuttings.

REPOTTING: Heart-leaf plant can be repotted 2 to 3 years once to keep a healthy root system. Gently dig the soil around the root system and put some potting mix and soil in a new pot or container. Water the plants after repotting to get adapted by the plants.

Pruning is done to remove dead and diseased leaves. Pinching can be done just above the leaf node where plants emerge from that point. We offer a wide variety of plants online you can purchase from our online plant nursery website and grow your own plants.


  • Glossy heart leaves trap the dust present in the indoor environment and avoids those circulating in the air.
  • This plant cleanses indoor air pollutants like carbon dioxide and other toxic pollutants 
  • It’s one of the budget-friendly ornamental indoor plant
  • Philodendron plant requires low care and maintenance.

Heart-leaf plants are in high requirement nowadays, we offer these plants at an affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Heart-leaf philodendron plants can grow in a pot size of 6.3 inches in diameter. Fill the container with the required amount of potting mix and acidic neutral soil.
  • This plant requires watering weekly once when topsoil is dry to the touch.
  • Plants should be kept in indirect or partial sunlight, don’t place these plants under direct sunlight.
  • Feed any all-purpose fertilizer or liquid fertilizer during the summer and spring season.


Leaves are toxic to pets & children if they are ingested.

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We grow our plants using natural and organic methods and we offer high-quality plants and products, hence we recommend you to buy online plants from us and purify your environment with these ornamental plants.

Above this, we confidently say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can visit our website www.santhionlineplants.com and choose your favourite one.


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