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Ficus moclame plant with pot


Ficus Moclame is a tree in the ficus family native to Tropical Asia. And, it is easy to grow and is very popular. It is mainly grown indoors and has ornamental values.

Name: Ficus Moclame is also known as Chinese banyan, Malayan Banyan, Indian laurel, and Curtain fig.

Scientific name: Ficus microcarpa

Origin: Originated from Tropical Asia

Height: Plants can grow up to 6 feet

Family: Moraceae (Fig Family)

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Ficus moclame plant

Buy Ficus moclame Plant online from Santhi online plants nursery India website.

Ficus moclame is an easy-growing ficus plant native to Tropical Asia. An elegant, slim, and low maintenance plant. Moreover, it thrives in indirect light. However, it also prefers direct sunlight. The plant responds well to trimming. Usually, they are grown as an ornamental hedge. It is a very popular houseplant and can tolerate a wide range of indoor conditions. You can grow it on your desk or anywhere inside your home.

We offer Ficus moclame plants from our state-of-the-art online nursery for plants. Hence, we recommend you to buy online plant from us.


  • Ficus moclame can purify the air inside your home
  • You can grow it anywhere inside your home, and it is highly versatile.
  • Their barks, leaves, and roots can treat pain and fever in traditional medicine.
  • And, they are also used to treat malaria, flu, bronchitis, and rheumatism in China.
  • It produces Stunning colors that give a great look to your home.
  • You can grow it in your garden outside or indoors in a pot.
  • They can also suck up particles of smoke and, similarly, reduces indoor air pollutants and toxic Lead.
  • In addition, they also have antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-diabetic properties.

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This plant has many ornamental and health benefits, which is why it’s in high demand these days. We grow our plants using natural and organic methods. And, we offer high-quality plants and products. Therefore, we are the best online nursery plants store.


Firstly, this plant requires very little maintenance. Secondly, water it when the soil seems dry. And allow it to drain thoroughly. We offer an Organic Potting mix that boosts the plant’s growth. And, this makes it more resilient in fighting diseases. To learn more, kindly check out our plant nursery online.


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