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Cluster Beans Plant (Kothavarangai)

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Scientific Name:  Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

Cluster bean plant grows between 5m in height, it is an upright plant with oval-shaped leaves and fine branching.

          Health benefits:

    • Full of Nutrients
    • Great for Diabetics
    • Better Blood Circulation
    • Recommended during pregnancy
    • Calms the brain
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Buy Cluster Beans Plant (Kothavarangai) online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

Cluster beans have all the health benefits which attribute to a good and healthy human body. Cluster Beans can help in strengthening bones and keep your heart healthy by managing the pumping of blood. This leads to having a controlled blood pressure condition etc. With the hike in percentages of contracting the deadly disease of diabetes all around the world, cluster bean is one vegetable that is excellent in controlling blood sugar levels. As cluster beans have a tap root they do not perform well when transplanted.

 Irrespective of whether you have to grow cluster beans in containers on the ground,  But it may take even up to 6-7 days sometimes for germination to happen. When planting on the ground or bigger containers keep about 12-16 inch distance between two plants.

1 review for Cluster Beans Plant (Kothavarangai)

  1. Saranya Karunagaran

    I am very happy to buy all the healthy plants

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