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Bougainvillea Pink Layered Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Bougainvillea Pink Layered Plant

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Bougainvillaea is a thorny decorative vine, shrub, or tree with flower-like spring leaves near its blooms. Bougainvillea Pink Layered is one of those plants that must be seen to be believed, and it is available in online plant shopping. To cover a wall, fence, or other area, Bougainvillea plants require support. Arrange wire or thread in rows against the surface you wish to cover. You can buy seeds online.

  • Name: Bougainvillea Pink Layered Plant
  • Scientific name: Bougainvillea glabra
  • Origin: European Countries
  • Height: 3 to 40 feet
  • Family: Nyctaginaceae

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Bougainvillea Pink Plant

Buy Bougainvillea Pink Layered Plant in India online from Santhi online plant nursery website.

It’s a semi-climber that works well as a hedge, shrub, climber over a sunny wall, and in containers. Beautiful, brilliantly coloured bracts, specialized leaves that house the plant’s blooms adorn Bougainvilleas. They are either evergreen or deciduous, depending on whether there is a wet or dry season. Plants that have reached maturity might be heavy feeders. Phosphorus is abundant, along with micronutrients, iron, and magnesium. Plants thrive when tiny amounts of nutrients are accessible all of the time, and it is available in online plant shopping.


  • It may be taught to climb trellises or planted as a lovely but thornily impenetrable barrier, and it can also function as a groundcover.
  • This flower plant are a treasured addition to many gardens and walls
  • It may be trained to climb trellises or planted as a visually appealing but thorny impassable barrier and used as a groundcover.


This flower Plant may plant these tropical climbers in big pots in the garden during the summer, but they must be maintained frost-free in the winter. Give them at least 5 hours in full sunlight every day if you want them to blossom well. It is preferable to have more hours of direct sunlight. If you wait less than 5 hours, the plant may not blossom properly. Your plants will grow well in the shadow or partial shade, but few or no flowers will be. The water need will be significantly lower during cooler months or when you bring your plants indoors during the winter. You can buy seeds online.

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