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Bleeding Heart Variegated


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Thompsoniae Clerodendrum ‘Variegata’ (Variegated Bleeding Heart) is a very unusual and lovely plant with red and white flowers and excellent foliage. The enormous cluster of blooms contrasts well against the yellow, chartreuse, cream, and green young growth, which matures to pure cream and dark green foliage. This lovely tropical shrubby vine has beautiful variegated creamy-white and pale green foliage. During the summer, showy blooms that resemble dangling hearts bloom in abundance. This semi-tropical species is native to West Africa and belongs to the Verbena family. Frequently seen in the shady dappled areas of old Southern landscapes. 

Blooms are snow-white calyxes that protrude a beautiful blood crimson droplet that is a corolla. This cultivar boasts attractive variegated medium green leaves blended with creamy white, as well as the same white and red hearts flowers. When in bloom, this plant is a sight to behold. The little, slightly flat flowers have inflated, balloon-like white calyxes from which beautiful crimson or dark red corollas with prominent stamens and styles (the elongated component of the pistil) protrude far beyond the petals emerge. The blooms are borne in 8-20 flower clusters (cymes) towards the end of the stem. Although the crimson corolla is short-lived, the blooms remain for several months. The blossoms change colour from white to pale pink or lavender as they age, then dry out and become tan. It blooms throughout the year if given enough light and temperature, although it is most prolific in the summer.


  • If you don’t plan on moving the container outdoors for the season, a sunny window might suffice. When the plant is actively growing, it has to be watered and fertilised regularly. Maintain a moist but not wet potting medium with a rich but well-drained potting medium.
  • Clerodendrum Bleeding Hearts thrive in a well-drained, basic potting mix that may be obtained at your local big box shop. Avoid arid or damp mucky soils if at all possible. 
  • Fertilize your new Bleeding Heart Clerodendrum with a slow-time released fertiliser three times a year, ten inches away from the root. They will grow at a slower rate if they are not fertilised.


  • Tropical bleeding hearts are a popular hanging basket ornament, houseplant, garden plant, and container plant.
  • The indoor plant is used to decorate a wall, fence, or vine because it stays alive and blooming throughout most of the year.



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