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Basil plant

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  • Preferred Scientific Name
      • Ocimum basilicum L.
  • Preferred Common Name
      • basil
  • Other Scientific Names
    • Ocimum americanum L.
  • Basil, also called great basil, is a culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae. Basil is native to tropical regions from central Africa to Southeast Asia. 
  • It is a tender plant and is used in cuisines worldwide.
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Basil leaves can have a variety of tastes like pungent, strong or even sweet. It has a very relaxing smell. There are different kinds of Basils like Thai basil, lemon basil, holy basil and African blue basil.

  • Basil leaves contain essential oils which help to combat free radical damage to the body.
  • Basil can induce cancer cell apoptosis successfully and stop the cancer cells from spreading throughout the body. This is due to the increase of antioxidant activity which can alter gene expressions.
  • Basil is the best herb that can offer protection by combating the candida virus and other forms of skin irritation

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