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Flower plants

Flowering plants are a type of vascular plant that produces flowers in order to reproduce. It produces seeds within a fruit. Many flowers have bright colors, strong scents, and sweet nectar to attract animal pollinators. They may attract insects, birds, mammals, and even reptiles. Flower plants are known as angiosperms, and angiosperms come in all shapes and sizes. What do apples, roses, oak trees, and sunflowers have in common? They are all plants – or objects from plants – included in a group called angiosperms. Angiosperms are the most diverse group of plants on the planet – they are the flowering plants.

There are more than a quarter-million species of flowering plants, and they show tremendous diversity. Nonetheless, almost all flowering plants fall into one of three major groups: monocots, eudicots, or magnolias. They add beauty, aroma, and breathe in life in the lovely green space.

Flowers have a way of doing that. They began changing the way the world looked almost as soon as they appeared on Earth about 130 million years ago, As a food source flowering plants provide us and the rest of the animal world with the nourishment that is fundamental to our existence.

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